Founding Principals


Kwaze-vision was founded in 2014 by Christopher Kwasek after 14 years of freelancing surveillance systems and covert spy cameras. All his friends and family that would come by his house to see the different cameras. Everyone loved the idea of being able to be in the house doing the chores while keeping a close eye on the kids playing in the yard or when there were birthday parties, holiday cookouts, this whole function would be recorded for memories. As well as when you are not home in time for the school bus you would be able to see your kids get off the school bus safely and that seeing that the home is secure. In this day, an aging crime is rising with break-ins, burglary, vandalism, child abductions and more. Security systems are the best line of defense against crime and with the advancements of video technology criminal conviction gets a 95% conviction rate for the perpetrators. 


Worried about what happens at home when your babysitter is watching your kids? There are also covert cameras that can be put into the walls, behind mirrors, and even in eye holes in the door to look at who’s knocking on the door before even opening the door. In 2008 he had a neighbor that had his car stolen and the perpetrators had no clue that they were being recorded. They had thought they had gotten away. The next day the neighbor came over with the police and asked him to see the video of the theft and low and behold there was a crisp video of the perpetrators. It took great police work and they were caught and charged. 

Kwaze-vision goals are to make you feel more protected of your loved ones and your property stays safely guarded and secure. Kwaze-vision brings state of the art surveillance products to private residents that offers the resident self-monitoring of the system on his or her laptop, or a smartphone with the simple ease of apps. We also offer repairs, installations and diagnoses of said devices. Please give us a call!


Choosing Kwaze-Vision

When you do business with Kwaze-vision you know you are completely secured with a wide range of IoT and security products that are on new the market. We are a small business so we have time to go over everything with you. With a knowledgeable staff, a team of Electricians, IT professionals and top distributors, we get the best-priced IT that comes with a warranty on all products that keep you safe for many years to come. With almost 10 Petabyte in recordings over the many years to show you onsite or also, an online demonstration. There are cameras we have access to show you different systems. When choosing us, ask for a reference as they can be given. When you choose a locally owned business we help to give back to the community. We currently have installations of services in; Connecticut, Rhode Island Massachusetts, New Hampshire and southern Maine.   

Our Partners