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Do you need protection?

Do you ever feel a slight pang of anxiety when you leave your house? After locking the door, do you walk away backwards, unwilling to tear your protective gaze away? Instead of reluctantly easing into your car, do you eventually give up, running back to your house to stand guard over your property?
Unfortunately, for those worried about security, it's impossible to be in two places at once. We can't make a trip to the grocery store and expect to know exactly what's going on in every nook and cranny of our homes. We can install locks and alarm systems (which, incidentally, have driven down the number of burglaries over the years), but nothing is failsafe.
If you want to be able to actually see what happens while you're away, security cameras may calm your nerves. Video surveillance allows you to monitor or record activity in and around an area for many different reasons. For example, parents might want to watch over a sleeping child and lessen the risk of a dangerous fall from the crib or a security camera system around the house that can see people who approach the front door and maybe even catch a criminal in the act of breaking in.
There's a wide variety of security cameras available. Some are large and out in the open, and might serve simply to deter criminals from even approaching a home, while others are tiny and meant to stay hidden from view. If you're considering setting up some type of video surveillance system in or around your home, there are a lot of questions to ask yourself before getting started.
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) provides cost-effective surveillance that uses video cameras to transmit images to a monitor on a closed system either continuously or intermittently that offers expansive security and monitoring for homes, businesses, parking lots and convenience stores. Whether you need CCTV for your home or business, Kwazw-vision will meet with you to determine the right system to fit your needs and install your CCTV system.

12 Benefits of a CCTV system:

  1. Stores evidence of an event.
  2. Identifies people and/or transactions.
  3. Displays areas such as a parking lot, storefronts, backyards, driveways or kids play areas.
  4. Specialized equipment can provide high definition detail such as license plate numbers or cash register activity.
  5. Images can be recorded in complete darkness using light intensification or infrared illumination.
  6. Weatherproof equipment can be used outdoors if required.
  7. Vandalproof cameras to be used to protect video signals.
  8. IP cameras and Network Video Recorders can stream online.
  9. View multiple cameras on one monitor.
  10. Use a smartphone to view video feeds remotely.
  11. Count the number customers who enter your business and/or make a purchase.
  12. Play a recorded message in the area of a potential intrusion through the system.







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