Seagate SkyHawk Surveillance Hardrives

The surveillance-optimized Seagate® SkyHawk™ HDD offers superior image integrity and is one of the best performers on the market. It is designed to keep surveillance systems in the field longer and reduce the need for post-deployment support. Backed by ImagePerfect firmware, the SkyHawk is truly a purpose-built surveillance storage solution with many features tailored to enhance the user experience.  

SkyHawk ImagePerfect Firmware

SkyHawk ImagePerfect firmware is built on Multi-Tier Caching (MTC) Technology™ and allows for high image integrity and up to 64 HD video streams. The intelligent firmware algorithm reduces data errors, allows for perfect images to be stored without pixelization and prevents critical frame loss during multiple stream recordings  

Higher Streaming With Zero Frame Lost Performance

ImagePerfect supports the ATA-8 Streaming command set and allows a host to request delivery of data within an allotted time; it places a priority on a time to transfer the data, rather than the integrity of the data. In addition, the ATA-8 Streaming command set is optimized to handle large sequential block transfers, which are typically found in video files. Desktop HDDs can handle a limited number of streams because they are intended for a single PC. 

A surveillance system can be write intensive, writing data up to 90% of the time. To support such a workload, ImagePerfect is tuned for multiple seamless video recording environments with the highest throughput performance. Besides helping to ensure the highest level of video integrity during recording, ImagePerfect also enables real-time big data analytics 

ImagePerfect firmware supports larger cache memory that enables better caching and buffering for a higher number of video streams. A larger cache size will also help to optimize the Write performance by sequencing data written to the HDD media. As a result, there are fewer physical read/write head movements between data streams when writing or reading data to and from the HDD media. Together this means higher HDD reliability 

Seagate SkyHawk ImagePerfect™ for Video Surveillance

Seagate SkyHawk AI Surveillance Storage

Seagate SkyHawk Health Management

The industry’s first drive health management for surveillance application is here. SkyHawk Health Management is an embedded software that helps users manage the health of the drives and provides access to data recovery services in the event of drive damage. Get the peace of mind that comes with SkyHawk Health’s powers of prevention, intervention, and recovery.  

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